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1000 Series Loading Ramp


The 1000 series loading ramp is the lightest weight model in our series of  ramps. Designed for loading and unloading small equipment and boxes by hand or with a dolly to your truck or van. The 1000 series ramps come in two sizes.

7′  long x 25 ” wide , and the ramp its weighs 48 pounds.

8′ long 25″ wide , and the ramp itself weighs 55 pounds.

This lightweight ramp gives the customer a safe and easy way to load and unload equipment like , sod cutters, pressure washers, gas powered tillers and mowers as well.

Virtually any wheel mounted tool weighing up to 1000 pounds can be quickly loaded and unloaded safely and without injuring your back and other muscles.

We also have a 2000 pound version of  the loading ramp for larger jobs !